Social contract about founding of the company Medistyl s.r.o was signed in 25/7/1991 by together eleven partners – ten natural persons and cooperative society Styl which was specialized in chemical processing and services. Since the beginning, activities of the company Medistyl were mainly aimed at health care. RNDr. Ing. Jaroslav Rehak, CSc. act as a director and chief executive since the beginning until present. Soon after its founding (from January 1992) the company Medistyl extended its activity to the information services field. Information services department of the company Medistyl was formed by Ing. Jaroslav Horky and Ing. Bohumil Bocek who, in that time, left collapsing institution of Central chemical information service. From that moment history of later Central European Information Centre has started to be written.

First year of the activity of the Information services department was devoted to intermediate access primarily into chemical bases of world databases centers and to create own database of dangerous chemical substances which was named MEDIS-ALARM. Both these activities were also developed in next years and are the basis for information services in the company Medistyl until today.

Early in the year 1993 it was managed to gain representing of the STN International database center in the frame of the German Federal Government project devoted to the support of countries of Central and Eastern Europe. This cooperation with STN was, in the year 1996, converted into standard contractual relationship - representing of the Czech Republic and Slovakia and successfully continues until present. In the year 1993, the company Medistyl also became coordinator of the British information society – Derwent Information Ltd. - for the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the field of patent information. And although the company Derwent was already fused by bigger multinational companies, these firmly established fundamentals of patent searches continue and are successfully developed.

Taking into account connection of activities and relations in the company Medistyl, it is natural that next very important area of search services, besides chemistry, soon became medicine and pharmacy. Especially in the case of searches in the area of pharmacovigilance, the company Medistyl gained exclusive position. And besides obtaining information from world databases the monitoring of local pharmaceutical magazines was also successfully developed since the mid-nineties of the 20th century and again with focus mainly on pharmacovigilance.

Activities in the field of chemical legislation were also gradually developed, where besides database of dangerous substances - MEDIS – ALARM - successful cooperation with Institution of Road and Urban Transport (today's DEKRA Automobil) was formed and the software for dangerous goods transportation called ADRem in which the company Medistyl also participate is distributed since the year 2001. The processing of safety data sheets in accordance with constantly changing chemical legislation is also extended. The company Medistyl also became the representative of the British Center – National Chemical Emergency Centre, especially in the area of emergency instructions and other activities.

The information department of the company Medistyl operates under the name “Central European Information Centre MEDISTYL” from the March of the year 2003 mainly due to the fact that representing of the database network was extended to the Poland and Hungary. The monitoring of local magazines was gradually extended – the company Medistyl operates, besides the Czech Republic and Slovakia, also in the Poland and in the same year was extended also to the Latvia and Estonia and in the year 2013 also to the Hungary.

The fact, that all activities mentioned above are not only successfully continuing over the years but are also progressing, gives the hope that the Central European Information Centre MEDISTYL will still be in the future important partner of its clients. Especially extensive changes to European legislation in the field of pharmacy and chemistry are, for us, great challenge to the future.