We offer our experience and access to wide range of medical and veterinary databases in STN International, where over 30 databases in the field of medicine, pharmacy and veterinary medicine is available. The best known and most commonly used are:  Medline, Embase, Derwent Drug File, ADIS, Biosis, Pascal, IMS R&D, Kosmet, Scisearch, Toxcenter, Drugmonog, Biotechno, VETU, CABA.


We offer single retrospective search on selected topics - e.g. to compare the efficacy and safety of treatment, suitable literature for expert reports, literature for PSURs, publications about clinical trials. For veterinary medicine - information about residues of substances in the body/animal products, etc. Increasingly, we also provide regular weekly or monthly monitoring for pharmacovigilance purposes.


We would like to offer you free of charge trial (first preview) to any issue, recommend the most appropriate databases and based on the number of adequate publications and records, we will prepare a price offer.