Our experience and access to STN International allows us to offer expert services in patent area. STN incluedes a unique collection of patent databases (Derwent World Patents Index, INPADOC, Chemical Abstracts,databases with genetic sequences, etc.) and offers combined patent search (multifile searching). This source of information is used by the largest corporations in the world and the Patent Offices and is very helpful in analysis of new patents, patent protection in defined countries, monitoring of technological trends in specific segments or companies.


What can brings you patent searches?

  • the actual scientific knowledge and state of the art
  • identification of the most important companies in the industry (competitors or potential partners) and their developmet
  • what processes are protected, and in which countries (which says a lot about business strategy and plans)
  • the scope of patent protection in force in your country and in others
  • date of validity of patents


We offer:

  • State of the Art searches
  • Prior-art searches
  • novelty searches
  • analysis of patents and applications - national, PCT, EP
  • monitoring of patents and their expiration
  • monitoring of patenting activity in the field or selected companies
  • monitoring news, applications and trends in specific areas


We would like to offer you free of charge trial (first preview) to any issue, recommend the most appropriate databases and based on the number of adequate publications and records, we will prepare a price offer.