We  offer literature search service in STN International database network, which has unique source of scientific, marketing and patent information. From the whole number of more than 150 databases, there are available almost 30 databases specialized on medicine and pharmaceuticals for example: Medline, Embase, Derwent Drug File, IMS, ADIS, PQScitech, Chemical abstracts, Biosis.

We send weekly or monthly reports with all published news for choosen topics/issues (e.g. pharmacovigilance). Search results are additionaly verified and we also provide evaluation of results. Quality of search is empowered by regular quality check of search strategy.

Local literature review and also monitoring of medical databases in STN for pharmacovigilance purpose is provided according to the rules and requirements of the EMA (GVP) - search is focuses on the adverse effect of drugs (with special attention to cases of unexpected and heavy), interactions, overdose, misuse, off-label, exposure during pregnancy and lactation and other important safety issues.