Review of the local medical journals is designed for medical departments of pharmaceutical companies, but is also used by medical information departments and marketing. Our team of reviewers read and analyze more than 250 local journals in 7 countries - Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Hungary. The main focus of service is to capture publications describing adverse events and other important safety issues.


Our customers receive weekly or monthly reports with publications describing drugs of the company with the categorization of their significance. We also enclose a copy of the source articles, comments of doctor/pharmacist, assessment for pharmacovigilance. We also offer SAFETY MAIL service, which guarantees that you receive information about publication of AE or reportable information in 24 hours after review.


The whole process of local literature review is described in the relevant SOPs, is tracked and ensures compliance with requirements of GVP. Quality of our service has been confirmed in more than 10 audits in our company and many inspections conducted in customers.


If you are interested in our services, we will be glad to offer a free trial period of our service.