Are you sure that your Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are in compliance with the current legislation? Do you need to translate them into other languages?
If you want to avoid any problem and contingent penalty, we offer the MSDS management according to the current regulations.

And what is the current legislation in the Czech Republic? Amendatory of the chemical law (Nr. 371/2008 Sb.) has transfered the requirements of the MSDS fully into the jurisdiction of Regulation of the European parliament and of the Council No. 1907/2006 (REACH).


The Regulation applies to all member countries, so the structure of the sheet and the required information for each chapter are the same for all member countries (the language of the MSDS shall be the language of the country where the chemical is placed on the market).

Managing the MSDS we often face the situation when even the common foreign MSDS data are not current nor valid, so the control of the process and the legal validity is very important. The simple translation cannot be used.
We provide the administration of MSDS in 7 european languages, according to current legislation of the chosen country. Apart from Czech (Bezpečnostní listy) there is:


  • Slovak (Karty bezpečnostných údajov)
  • Hungarian (Biztonsági adatlap)
  • Polish (Karty charakterystyki preparatu niebezpiecznego)
  • Slovene (Varnostni listi)
  • English (Material safety data sheets)
  • German (Sicherheitsdatenblätter)