Our main source of the world chemical literature is the STN International (Scientific and Technical Information Network), that allows access to more than 150 databases of various producers. For chemistry there are Chemical Abstracts, BEILSTEIN, Chemical Business Newsbase (CBNB), CHEMLIST, Compendex, INSPEC, MSDS-OHS, PASCAL, PROMT, RAPRA, Science Citation Index, WSCA, the unique patent database Derwent World Patents Index and dozens more.


We provide both retrospective literature and patent information retrieval and also a regular monitoring of databases - monthly, weekly or quarterly. For the purpose of (pre)registration of the chemicals according to REACH we provide information about CAS registry numbers, EINECS and also detailed information about chemicals´ properties (if they have been published).


According to the current law, especially REACH, we process MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETS (MSDS) from our own sources or using the source of the customers, in various languages. Apart from the basic information retrievals we offer also study reports, where you can find not only the source information, but also their analysis, comments etc. Using this service, you will get the summary of the information retrieval result. You will directly know what is important and you can save your valuable time.